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Mazurkas of a Polish Soul | pura musica

Mazurka of a Polish Soul

The mazurka has been danced by people since the Middle Ages and it is not an accident that the Polish national anthem is based on a mazur dance. The mazurka is considered a dance of the Polish soul and has been composed by many established composers worldwide.

In 2021 Anna Kijanowska commissioned over twenty mazurkas by internationally renowned artists with a special emphasis on female and under-appreciated composers. It is Anna’s vision that these newly commissioned works of the 21st century will become a musical legacy for future generations, and the „Dance of a Polish Soul“ will continue to strive.


21st Century Mazurkas by:

Carolina Noguera (Columbia)
Lyudmila German (Ukraine)
Sophia Serghi (Cyprus-USA)
Hanna Kulenty (Poland)
Avner Dorman (Israel)
Anthony Ritchie (New Zealand)
Milad Yousufi (Afghanistan)
Thomas Fotmann (Switzerland)
Karol Pyka (Poland) 
Mikołaj Górecki (Poland) 
Łukasz Woś (Poland)
Wojciech Blecharz (Poland)
Thomas Bloch (Germany)
David Rakowski (United States)
Mikołaj Stroiński (Poland)

Karol Szymanowski Mazurkas op. 50

Avner Dorman: Techno

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