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pura musica

Artist Management | Music Festivals | Career Coaching


pura musica

Artist Management | Music Festivals | Career Coaching

Music is universal. Music does not discriminate.

It is the business around classical music that continues to impose boundaries; often unconsciously, at times rather deliberately. Although the majority of conducting students at conservatories today are women, female conductors are still vastly underrepresented on concert stages and in opera pits.

pura musica is dedicated to supporting a select group of exceptionally gifted female conductors on their way to where they belong: in front of the most prestigious orchestras.

What is true for female conductors is equally true for female and other underrepresented composers. With our special project series, we support musicians dedicated to the performance of works by marginalized composers.

Ana Spasovska

Kalena Bovell

Claudia Patanè

Carolyn Kuan

Irene Delgado-Jiménez

Talia Ilan

Tamara Dworetz

Samantha Ege

Hawijch Elders

Guillemette Daboval

Sara Duchovnay


Lidia Baich

Lotus Quartet

Anna Kijanowska

Dina Bensaid

Tatiana Pérez

Ivette Ortiz

We are driven by our love for music. Any kind of music, as long as it is good music. Simply pura musica!

pura musica can draw on a wealth of experience in the international music business. We put this expertise at the service of our artists and support them with professionalism, enthusiasm, and creativity, enabling them to share their talent with an ever-growing audience.

We cultivate long-term relationships with our artists as well as performing arts organizations around the globe and are a trusted partner to orchestras, opera houses and music promoters worldwide.

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Pura Musica

pura musica

Artist Management | Music Festivals | Career Coaching