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Bravura - the Hidden Gems | pura musica

Bravura – the Hidden Gems

Virtuosity, expressivity, and ingenuity are the main themes across the concertos presented here, by Florence Price, Doreen Carwithen, Helen Hagan, and Cécile Chaminade.

Ready to complement a program of canonic giants or lesser-known works, any one of these concertos will be an unforgettable addition to the repertoire.

Florence B. Price
Piano Concerto in One Movement (approx. 18 minutes)

Doreen Carwithen
Concerto for Piano and Strings (approx. 27 minutes)
I. Allegro assai
II. Lento
III. Moderato e deciso ma con moto

Helen Hagan
Piano Concerto in C minor (orchestral reconstruction, approx. 17 minutes)
I. Maestoso

Cécile Chaminade
Concertstücke for Piano and Orchestra (approx. 16 minutes)

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