One step at a time

Women in leadership are one of my focus areas at Pedeva, a human resources management consultancy that I have helped to build over the past few years. I am particularly proud of our programs that support women in their presence and visibility.

In the corporate context, however, I see time and again that topics such as diversity and equality are merely used for greenwashing. Words are not followed by actions.

Now, of course, it’s always easy to criticize. Am I any different? What is it that I could do better myself?

This question has been tormenting me for quite some time. One night, not long ago, I woke up and suddenly knew what I had to do: get back into the music business and start an agency that exclusively represents female conductors.

And I did. That same morning, I started talent scouting. Quickly, the first female conductors were on board. It was surprising to me how many of these highly talented, well-trained, and charismatic women were simply overlooked by the established agencies.

A little later, I couldn’t resist adding artists to my roster who were committed to performing the works of marginalized composers. Until recently, I had considered myself a walking concert encyclopedia. Somewhat ashamed, I realized how little I knew about women composers. Every day I discover new works by women who deserve to be brought out of oblivion! It’s a ride, and I love it.

The agency is called pura musica. After all, it is about music, pure music. Whether written by female or male composers, whether conducted by women or men: In an ideal world, it shouldn’t matter at all. With pura musica, I am committed to making this world a more inclusive, better place! One step at a time.